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Frequently Asked Questions...

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How do I get my system QA tested?

We always provide a fixed price proposal which includes the process, deliverables and the price. You will need to provide us the testing scope (specifications, standards, rules, instructions, mathematics etc.). You may also provide us test scripts if you want testing to be conducted against your test scripts – please note that in this case our testing will be restricted to your test scripts, and we will not be testing against the specifications or standards.

You need a working site available for our testing. We normally require accounts and backend access during the testing period. We provide weekly or bi-weekly progress reports. This will include progress percentage for each module, details for each bug found including screen shots and references to the relevant standard. We retest bugs as they are fixed. We invoice monthly based on the progress made. After conclusion of testing, we provide the detailed report and certificates.

What is independent testing and certification?

iGlobal Labs parent company iTech Labs is a wholly Australian owned testing company based in Melbourne, Australia.  We are not owned by or do not have any interest in any other company.  Our accreditation by various regulators requires us to maintain professional competence, integrity and independence in our work. Each client's work is treated with complete confidentiality.

Do I get certificates for my site?

We issue the certificates after the QA testing process is completed. The certificate will state what testing has been completed (such as compliance against the specifications, specific requirements, system is reliable and resilient etc.) As soon as all high and medium priority issues are resolved, we issue the certificates for your site. The certificates themselves are hot linked to the original at the iTech Global Test Labs web site.

If I do QA testing through iGlobal Labs, will I get a reduced price for compliance testing by iTech Labs?

Yes, iGlobal Labs QA testing ensures that the system has passed tests equivalent to alpha and beta testing and the system is reliable and resilient. In this case compliance testing effort is reduced and most new issues are generally related to backend changes, new/changed front ends, integration or regulatory requirements.

While iGlobal Labs is fully responsible for QA testing, compliance testing is conducted by iTech Labs using different teams and resources, thus maintaining a separation of the two types of testing.

I haven't been a customer of yours before.  How do I get started?

We have a very simple method of starting a business relationship with you.  We agree on a scope of work, and a fixed price, usually in a proposal document, then we ask for a deposit payment.  This establishes the fact that we are working together on the project with an agreed scope and a fixed price.  Further invoices are monthly, based on progress made. Our status reports are weekly or bi-weekly as required, our prices are fair, and we love to increase our client list.  Please use the contact us page to see how we can help your business.