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Evaluations by iGlobal Labs

We test based on the software specifications or government regulations. Here are some examples of evaluations by iGlobal Labs.

Online Casino Systems
Business Applications
Information Systems Security

1. Online Casino Systems

Pre-certification testing (Quality Assurance) for:

Casino games

  • Slots, multiplayer games, table games, bingo, lottery etc.
  • Financial market games
  • Mobile games
  • Multi-lingual games

Sports betting

Gaming platforms

The Casino games testing activities are broadly divided into the following categories:

  • Game rules and artwork evaluation (to verify that gameplay corresponds to the rules of the game)
  • Functional testing (as per specifications and/or government regulations) - includes testing for correct game operation, controlled testing of games, verification of game logs, testing of game interruptions etc.
  • Emulation testing (to verify correct game outcomes)
  • Maths evaluation (to verify Return to Player percentage)
  • Regression testing on additional game clients (such as Flash, HTML5, Mobile etc.)
  • Controlled play and verification of system reports – game performance reports, player reports, payment reports
  • Source code evaluation


The Sports betting testing activities consist of the following:

  • Game rules are evaluated to verify that gameplay corresponds to the rules of the game
  • Functional testing - includes testing for correct wagering operation -placing wagers, cancellations, result entry, payment of winnings, abandon events, refunds, etc, controlled testing of wagering operation, verification of wagering transaction logs, testing of wagering system interruptions etc.
  • Verification of essential system reports - performance reports for games, player reports, payment reports

The Gaming platform testing activities consist of evaluation of the following:

  • Player registration and accounts
  • Privacy
  • Player protection
  • Backup & recovery
  • Information systems security

2. Business Applications

  • Resource Management System used by Electricity and Gas utility companies to manage resources countrywide
  • Issues and Time tracking systems for managing projects globally
  • Payment systems
  • e-commerce systems

The Business Applications testing mostly consists of the following:

  • Analysis of requirements and create test plan
  • Unit tests
  • Functional tests
  • Regression tests (after bug fixes)
  • Integration tests
  • Performance testing
  • Application security tests
  • Browser and OS compatibility tests
  • Mobile testing (iOS & Android)
  • Test automations as required

3. Information Systems Security

  • Security audit as per ISO 27001

iGlobal Labs is able to perform Information Systems Security audits according to ISO 27001 standards. iTech Labs (parent company of iGlobal Labs) is a certified ISO 27001 security auditor. iTech Labs is also ISO 17025 certified for Information Systems Security.

iTech Labs regularly conducts security audits for its European customers.

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